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Our Location (the school)

Prior to the redevelopment of this classically old building, 609 E. 9th Ave. fully operated as a Catholic school, educating children since the 1900's.


Beginning in 1880 immigrants began to migrate into Homestead, PA for work in the Steel Mills. As the population grew, plans to erect a Catholic Church began. In 1896 land was purchased and a wooden church was built to serve the congregation.


As the congregation grew new plans to expand occurred. In 1904 Saint Michael's Parochial School was built in Munhall, PA, following, was the development of the church in 1925.


The elementary school continued to educate children until 1969, when a larger school was built on 10th Ave.


Saint Michael's Parochial School closed in 1969 and remained unoccupied until the redevelopment in 2012. The old school has been remodeled and transformed, while maintaining the "old school" feel, this newly renovated building is a spot to enjoy authentic Italian cooking while being surrounded by a whole lot of history! Whether you were once a student at this school or you just want to enjoy homemade Italian sandwiches, stop in and check us out!




We are a family owned sandwich shop and catering company that opened our doors in 2014. Due to the fact that we are located in an old school building, we decided to keep the "school theme", our shop has all the original chalk boards, floors, doors, etc... it is truly like stepping back into a classroom in the 1960s.


Everything we make is homemade, in fact we still have "Nana" cooking up some family favorites in the kitchen. If you stop in you may see her hanging out and entertaining the customers!


Our "in shop" menu is limited, we provide sandwiches, pastas, salads, and a daily special. Our catering menu however, is a bit more extensive and we are always looking to accommodate our customers with new options!


We also have a mobile food truck, so keep us in mind for your next event!

Please spread the word!

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